KLW ensure additional protection of the products for the time of their delivery and long-term storage at the stockyards. To do that, we use a combination of the special corrosion-preventive coat and a Zerust film. We also provide additional service for packing, including its development in line with customer requirements.

In 2017 KLW has few examples of applying enhanced protective packing, including VCI packing for European customers and special protective packing developed for Turkish national railroad operator.


Andrey Kishinskiy, the Deputy Head at Interpipe NTRP Wheel-rolling shop on the through-hole technologies:

– To develop enhanced anti-corrosion protection we studied the new types of packing, carried out some full-scale tests and already applied the new combined protection, consisting of the oil-based corrosion-resistant coat with water displacement properties for wheels and the outer packaging into an inhibited film. By means of it, we arrange a special medium inside the created enclosed space around the wheels, protected from the atmospheric influence with uniform distribution of volatile corrosion inhibitors. Thereby, all products will be delivered to the customer with the same outlook they had at the mill right after the end of the production process. Such VCI packing is demanded by some European customers.

According the requirement of TCDD (Turkish national railroad operator), each package of locomotive wheels should have contained two wheels and also have certain additional protection for the wheel rim against possible damage during transportation. To meet quite stringent requirements we propose a solution to pack the wheels onto special wooden pallets with durable aluminized perforated angles for protection of the wheel rim. The wheels on the pallet have been fixed with a polyester tape. A combined corrosion protection has been also used, consisting of the special anti-corrosion coating of wheels and packaging with a Zerust inhibitor film.