In 2016 Interpipe implemented the first stage of the strategic investment program for building new production lines to carry out finish machining operations, including drilling, boring and painting, increase capacities for wheel finish machining and start production of finish-machined axles and railway wheelsets. Now we are going to proceed to the second step of expanding of wheel finish machining capacities.

Due to KLW export-oriented business strategy the company is going to expand finish machining capacities gradually and increase the market share for locomotive, passenger, freight and heavy haul wheels.

for wheel assortment according to EN and AAR standards. The new line will include:

  • three CNC lathes for finish-machining with automatic manipulator and additional equipment
  • CNC drilling machine
  • machine for wheel geometry control
  • balancing machine

New finish machining line will allow enhance production volumes of quality wheels demanded at Europe, NAFTA and Asia, including manufacturing of wheels with improved design and modified steel grades that will increase production life span and reliability in operation.