In 2017 the company has taken an important step in extension of axle manufacturing field and has proceeded to master of finish-machined railway axles for heavy haul in line with requirement of AAR M-101, AAR Section G, Part II, Module B33.7.

KLW mastered two finish-machined axle types of 6’’ and 7’’ of Class F steel finish-machined axles with 32.5 tons axle load and successfully passed required certification. We provided comprehensive ground work, including development of the production technology, preparation of measurement tools approved by AAR, additional amount of quality control and extensive level of personnel training.

Another specific feature consists in conformance barcoding system with specification of WABL (Wheels, Axles, Bearings & Lubrication Committee), one of AAR technical committees that monitors product performance during whole lifespan. The required barcode includes detailed information about every delivered axle. For implementation of such system we developed and implemented additional software at the axle product facility.