KLW is working hard on achieving the strategic goals of the company and a moving into the passenger high-speed train market. This is possible through implementation of the biggest investment program of recent years and our engineers’ hard work. We mastered the production of wheels for high-speed trains and now are passing Siemens and Deutche Bahn certifications for this product range.

Wheels for high speed of Siemens trains

Interpipe NTRP is the first producer among Eastern European countries, which passes such Siemens certification. For the first time our engineers have mastered production of 850 mm design for high-speed Siemens trains in accordance with EN 13262, TSI standards and client’s requirements.

Alexander Roslik, Head of Wheel & Tire Technology Department, Interpipe NTRP:

“The first step of development and examination of our technical documentation is already done. On this stage we have been working thoroughly on the technology development that accumulates all European requirements for high-speed rail. The second step of launching the new line for finish machining operations has also been completed. The third step means a fatigue test in a European laboratory also has been successfully completed – the wheels have passed through 10 billion cycles without destroying. As for now we are continuing preparatory work before testing of residual stresses on the wheel rim and preparing for the most important phase – the final audit of Siemens specialists. All this work has great importance and tremendous experience for us.”