Interpipe NTRP is successfully mastering production of wheels of Category 1 steel that allows only 1 mm of artificial defects. KLW is now in process of Deutsche Bahn certification of passenger wheels of Category 1 for high-speed transport this year. At the same time DB is examining us as a producer of wheels for passenger rolling stock with drilling for the installation of brake discs.

Development of the production technology and the technical documentation has already finished. Interpipe NTRP has produced sample batches and has passed mechanical inspection proving mechanical properties of Category 1 wheels.

In August, 2016, Deutsche Bahn representatives examined all technical processes in keeping with EN 13262 with wheels of Category 1 production. During the audit they paid special attention to non-destructive testing (ultrasonic inspection, magnetic particle inspection, hardness test, geometry test) and destructive testing (mechanical, metallographic, chemical examinations).

The last and highly important stage, a fatigue test, is proceeding in autumn. The samples for these trials have been selected during the audit.